Thursday, March 11, 2010

Peyton's Story

Age 11
Brain Tumor

The Children’s Hospital

The first thing you’d notice upon meeting Peyton, 11, is how strikingly beautiful she is, accented by her magnetic smile. On getting to know her better, you’d learn she loves tennis and art. And only maybe in deeper conversation with her and her family would you learn that Peyton’s life was in jeopardy at the age of 5.

After experiencing symptoms of headaches and nausea, Peyton’s pediatrician recommended she go to The Children’s Hospital for a CT scan. Her plans of heading to the zoo after the appointment were quickly abandoned when doctors discovered an enlarged tumor on her brain. Within 36 hours of the diagnosis, Peyton received a craniotomy, removing most of the tumor. Its position made it too risky to remove the entire mass.

Although doctors have discovered a small regrowth and continue to carefully monitor Peyton, she is leading a healthy life without limitations. Peyton’s amazing spirit inspires everyone she comes in meets.

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